California College Of The Arts Admission Rate

California College Of The Arts admission rate is 0.6854. It means that out of 100 applicants only 69 will be accepted.

California College Of The Arts Details

OwnershipPrivate nonprofit
CitySan Francisco
Zip Code94107-2247
RegionFar West (AK, CA, HI, NV, OR, WA)
Number of Students144
College Website
College Program4 Year

California College Of The Arts Tuition

In State Tuition$43,708
Out of State Tuition$43,708
Average Net Cost To Attend$31,820

California College Of The Arts Demographics

Non-resident Alien30.65%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander0.80%
American Indian/Alaska Native0.40%

California College Of The Arts Fields Of Study and Degrees

Field of StudyDegreeField of Study CIP
ArchitectureBachelors Degree0402 (04.02)
ArchitectureMaster's Degree0402 (04.02)
Architectural Sciences and TechnologyBachelors Degree0409 (04.09)
Graphic CommunicationsBachelors Degree1003 (10.03)
Graphic CommunicationsMaster's Degree1003 (10.03)
Rhetoric and Composition/Writing StudiesBachelors Degree2313 (23.13)
Rhetoric and Composition/Writing StudiesMaster's Degree2313 (23.13)
Museology/Museum StudiesMaster's Degree3014 (30.14)
Human Computer InteractionBachelors Degree3031 (30.31)
Human Computer InteractionMaster's Degree3031 (30.31)
WoodworkingBachelors Degree4807 (48.07)
Crafts/Craft Design, Folk Art and ArtisanryBachelors Degree5002 (50.02)
Design and Applied ArtsBachelors Degree5004 (50.04)
Design and Applied ArtsMaster's Degree5004 (50.04)
Film/Video and Photographic ArtsBachelors Degree5006 (50.06)
Film/Video and Photographic ArtsMaster's Degree5006 (50.06)
Fine and Studio ArtsBachelors Degree5007 (50.07)
Fine and Studio ArtsMaster's Degree5007 (50.07)
Arts, Entertainment,and Media ManagementMaster's Degree5010 (50.10)
Visual and Performing Arts, OtherMaster's Degree5099 (50.99)
Business Administration, Management and OperationsMaster's Degree5202 (52.02)

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