What SAT and ACT Scores are Required for Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Typical SAT Scores

Average SAT score for Massachusetts Institute Of Technology is 1507.

Half of the admitted students have SAT scores from 1490 to 1590. Top 25% of admitted students has SAT score higher than 1590. Bottom 25% of admitted students has SAT score lower than 1490.

You need to have at least 1490 as your SAT score to get into Massachusetts Institute Of Technology. SAT score lower than 1490 still can get you in but your application need to stand out.

Typical SAT scores for Massachusetts Institute Of Technology are from 770 to 800 for math and from 720 to 790 for reading and writing.

New SAT Score25th PercentileMidpoint75th Percentile
Math Score770783800
Reading and Writing Score720752790
Cumulative SAT Score149015351590

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Typical ACT Scores

Half of the students admitted to Massachusetts Institute Of Technology have ACT scores from 33 to 35. Top 25% of admitted students has ACT score higher than 35.

If you have 35 on your ACT test you have a good chance in getting into Massachusetts Institute Of Technology assuming that other parts of your application are equally great. Bottom 25% of admitted students has ACT score lower than 33.

You ACT score needs to be at least 33 to have some chance getting into Massachusetts Institute Of Technology. Typical ACT scores for Massachusetts Institute Of Technology are from 34 to 36 for math and from Not available to Not available for reading and writing.

ACT Scores25th PercentileMidpoint75th Percentile
Cumulative Score333435
English Score333435
Math Score343536
Writing Score8910

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Old SAT Scores (2400) Requirements

Old SAT Score25th PercentileMidpoint75th Percentile
Critical Reading Score680730780
Math Score750775800
Writing Score690735780

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Admission Rate

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology admission rate is 0.083. It means that out of 100 applicants only 8 will be accepted.

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Details

OwnershipPrivate nonprofit
Zip Code02139-4307
RegionNew England (CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT)
Number of Students355
College Website
College Program4 Year

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Tuition

In State Tuition$46,704
Out of State Tuition$46,704
Average Net Cost To Attend$22,968

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Demographics

Non-resident Alien9.75%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander0.02%
American Indian/Alaska Native0.09%

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Fields Of Study and Degrees

Field of StudyDegreeField of Study CIP
ArchitectureBachelors Degree0402 (04.02)
ArchitectureMaster's Degree0402 (04.02)
ArchitectureDoctoral Degree0402 (04.02)
City/Urban, Community and Regional PlanningBachelors Degree0403 (04.03)
City/Urban, Community and Regional PlanningMaster's Degree0403 (04.03)
City/Urban, Community and Regional PlanningDoctoral Degree0403 (04.03)
Architectural Sciences and TechnologyMaster's Degree0409 (04.09)
Architectural Sciences and TechnologyDoctoral Degree0409 (04.09)
Real Estate DevelopmentMaster's Degree0410 (04.10)
Communication and Media StudiesBachelors Degree0901 (09.01)
Communication and Media StudiesMaster's Degree0901 (09.01)
JournalismMaster's Degree0904 (09.04)
Radio, Television, and Digital CommunicationMaster's Degree0907 (09.07)
Radio, Television, and Digital CommunicationDoctoral Degree0907 (09.07)
Computer and Information Sciences, GeneralMaster's Degree1101 (11.01)
Computer and Information Sciences, GeneralDoctoral Degree1101 (11.01)
Computer ScienceBachelors Degree1107 (11.07)
Computer ScienceMaster's Degree1107 (11.07)
Computer ScienceDoctoral Degree1107 (11.07)
Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical EngineeringBachelors Degree1402 (14.02)
Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical EngineeringMaster's Degree1402 (14.02)
Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical EngineeringDoctoral Degree1402 (14.02)
Biomedical/Medical EngineeringBachelors Degree1405 (14.05)
Biomedical/Medical EngineeringMaster's Degree1405 (14.05)
Biomedical/Medical EngineeringDoctoral Degree1405 (14.05)
Chemical EngineeringBachelors Degree1407 (14.07)
Chemical EngineeringMaster's Degree1407 (14.07)
Chemical EngineeringDoctoral Degree1407 (14.07)
Civil EngineeringBachelors Degree1408 (14.08)
Civil EngineeringMaster's Degree1408 (14.08)
Civil EngineeringDoctoral Degree1408 (14.08)
Electrical, Electronics and Communications EngineeringBachelors Degree1410 (14.10)
Electrical, Electronics and Communications EngineeringMaster's Degree1410 (14.10)
Electrical, Electronics and Communications EngineeringDoctoral Degree1410 (14.10)
Environmental/Environmental Health EngineeringBachelors Degree1414 (14.14)
Environmental/Environmental Health EngineeringMaster's Degree1414 (14.14)
Environmental/Environmental Health EngineeringDoctoral Degree1414 (14.14)
Materials EngineeringBachelors Degree1418 (14.18)
Materials EngineeringMaster's Degree1418 (14.18)
Materials EngineeringDoctoral Degree1418 (14.18)
Mechanical EngineeringBachelors Degree1419 (14.19)
Mechanical EngineeringMaster's Degree1419 (14.19)
Mechanical EngineeringDoctoral Degree1419 (14.19)
Nuclear EngineeringBachelors Degree1423 (14.23)
Nuclear EngineeringMaster's Degree1423 (14.23)
Nuclear EngineeringDoctoral Degree1423 (14.23)
Systems EngineeringMaster's Degree1427 (14.27)
Systems EngineeringDoctoral Degree1427 (14.27)
Operations ResearchMaster's Degree1437 (14.37)
Operations ResearchDoctoral Degree1437 (14.37)
Linguistic, Comparative, and Related Language Studies and ServicesBachelors Degree1601 (16.01)
Linguistic, Comparative, and Related Language Studies and ServicesMaster's Degree1601 (16.01)
Linguistic, Comparative, and Related Language Studies and ServicesDoctoral Degree1601 (16.01)
English Language and Literature, GeneralBachelors Degree2301 (23.01)
Rhetoric and Composition/Writing StudiesBachelors Degree2313 (23.13)
Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and HumanitiesBachelors Degree2401 (24.01)
Biology, GeneralBachelors Degree2601 (26.01)
Biology, GeneralMaster's Degree2601 (26.01)
Biology, GeneralDoctoral Degree2601 (26.01)
Biomathematics, Bioinformatics, and Computational BiologyBachelors Degree2611 (26.11)
Biomathematics, Bioinformatics, and Computational BiologyMaster's Degree2611 (26.11)
Biomathematics, Bioinformatics, and Computational BiologyDoctoral Degree2611 (26.11)
Neurobiology and NeurosciencesBachelors Degree2615 (26.15)
Neurobiology and NeurosciencesMaster's Degree2615 (26.15)
Neurobiology and NeurosciencesDoctoral Degree2615 (26.15)
MathematicsBachelors Degree2701 (27.01)
MathematicsMaster's Degree2701 (27.01)
MathematicsDoctoral Degree2701 (27.01)
Applied MathematicsBachelors Degree2703 (27.03)
Applied MathematicsMaster's Degree2703 (27.03)
Mathematics and Computer ScienceBachelors Degree3008 (30.08)
Science, Technology and SocietyBachelors Degree3015 (30.15)
Science, Technology and SocietyDoctoral Degree3015 (30.15)
Cognitive ScienceBachelors Degree3025 (30.25)
Cognitive ScienceMaster's Degree3025 (30.25)
Cognitive ScienceDoctoral Degree3025 (30.25)
PhilosophyBachelors Degree3801 (38.01)
PhilosophyMaster's Degree3801 (38.01)
PhilosophyDoctoral Degree3801 (38.01)
Astronomy and AstrophysicsMaster's Degree4002 (40.02)
Astronomy and AstrophysicsDoctoral Degree4002 (40.02)
Atmospheric Sciences and MeteorologyMaster's Degree4004 (40.04)
Atmospheric Sciences and MeteorologyDoctoral Degree4004 (40.04)
ChemistryBachelors Degree4005 (40.05)
ChemistryMaster's Degree4005 (40.05)
ChemistryDoctoral Degree4005 (40.05)
Geological and Earth Sciences/GeosciencesBachelors Degree4006 (40.06)
Geological and Earth Sciences/GeosciencesMaster's Degree4006 (40.06)
Geological and Earth Sciences/GeosciencesDoctoral Degree4006 (40.06)
PhysicsBachelors Degree4008 (40.08)
PhysicsMaster's Degree4008 (40.08)
PhysicsDoctoral Degree4008 (40.08)
AnthropologyBachelors Degree4502 (45.02)
EconomicsBachelors Degree4506 (45.06)
EconomicsMaster's Degree4506 (45.06)
EconomicsDoctoral Degree4506 (45.06)
Political Science and GovernmentBachelors Degree4510 (45.10)
Political Science and GovernmentMaster's Degree4510 (45.10)
Political Science and GovernmentDoctoral Degree4510 (45.10)
Drama/Theatre Arts and StagecraftBachelors Degree5005 (50.05)
MusicBachelors Degree5009 (50.09)
Business/Commerce, GeneralBachelors Degree5201 (52.01)
Business/Commerce, GeneralMaster's Degree5201 (52.01)
Business/Commerce, GeneralDoctoral Degree5201 (52.01)
Finance and Financial Management ServicesBachelors Degree5208 (52.08)
Management Sciences and Quantitative MethodsBachelors Degree5213 (52.13)
Management Sciences and Quantitative MethodsMaster's Degree5213 (52.13)
HistoryBachelors Degree5401 (54.01)

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