University Of Advancing Technology Admission Rate

University Of Advancing Technology admission rate is 0.8571. It means that out of 100 applicants only 86 will be accepted.

University Of Advancing Technology Details

OwnershipPrivate for-profit
Zip Code85283
RegionSouthwest (AZ, NM, OK, TX)
Number of Students82
College Website
College Program4 Year

University Of Advancing Technology Tuition

In State Tuition$23,750
Out of State Tuition$23,750
Average Net Cost To Attend$28,252

University Of Advancing Technology Demographics

Non-resident Alien0.14%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander0.43%
American Indian/Alaska Native1.73%

University Of Advancing Technology Fields Of Study and Degrees

Field of StudyDegreeField of Study CIP
Communications Technology/TechnicianAssociate's Degree1001 (10.01)
Communications Technology/TechnicianBachelors Degree1001 (10.01)
Graphic CommunicationsAssociate's Degree1003 (10.03)
Graphic CommunicationsBachelors Degree1003 (10.03)
Computer and Information Sciences, GeneralAssociate's Degree1101 (11.01)
Computer and Information Sciences, GeneralBachelors Degree1101 (11.01)
Computer and Information Sciences, GeneralMaster's Degree1101 (11.01)
Computer ProgrammingAssociate's Degree1102 (11.02)
Computer ProgrammingBachelors Degree1102 (11.02)
Computer ProgrammingMaster's Degree1102 (11.02)
Information Science/StudiesAssociate's Degree1104 (11.04)
Information Science/StudiesBachelors Degree1104 (11.04)
Information Science/StudiesMaster's Degree1104 (11.04)
Computer Software and Media ApplicationsAssociate's Degree1108 (11.08)
Computer Software and Media ApplicationsBachelors Degree1108 (11.08)
Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation EngineeringAssociate's Degree1442 (14.42)
Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation EngineeringBachelors Degree1442 (14.42)
Intelligence, Command Control and Information OperationsAssociate's Degree2902 (29.02)
Intelligence, Command Control and Information OperationsBachelors Degree2902 (29.02)
Intelligence, Command Control and Information OperationsMaster's Degree2902 (29.02)
Human Computer InteractionAssociate's Degree3031 (30.31)
Human Computer InteractionBachelors Degree3031 (30.31)
Visual and Performing Arts, GeneralAssociate's Degree5001 (50.01)
Visual and Performing Arts, GeneralBachelors Degree5001 (50.01)
Design and Applied ArtsAssociate's Degree5004 (50.04)
Design and Applied ArtsBachelors Degree5004 (50.04)
Business/Commerce, GeneralAssociate's Degree5201 (52.01)
Business/Commerce, GeneralBachelors Degree5201 (52.01)
Business/Commerce, GeneralMaster's Degree5201 (52.01)
Business Administration, Management and OperationsMaster's Degree5202 (52.02)
Entrepreneurial and Small Business OperationsAssociate's Degree5207 (52.07)
Entrepreneurial and Small Business OperationsBachelors Degree5207 (52.07)
MarketingAssociate's Degree5214 (52.14)
MarketingBachelors Degree5214 (52.14)

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